The School Campus provides an open play ground, a library-cum-reading room, Computer labs, language lab, maths lab,social Science lab , a well -furnishedmusic room, art room,home science lab and Audio Visual room and well-lit and specious auditorium.

Smart Class

There is a provision for smart class which develops beyond – the- text book concept, thereby facilitating the process of learning. Besides providing a variation in the learning media, it stimulates the student’s interest through audio – visual approach.

Computer Lab

It has a well – developed computer laboratory for the pupils from class with Internet access In the age of computer, the education is incomplete without the aid of computer. The school has a well – equipped computer lab with qualified staff to enable the students learn different aspects of computer by operating it themselves. The regular exposure to computers, not only for the subject ‘computer’ but also for various project works makes their learning meaningful.

G.N.G.S is packed with an eco-friendly, Hi – tech computer labs which offer the students to gain hand on experience of the modern information technology and acquire the practical knowledge and the applications of modern computer science. We offer well equipped computer labs with uninterrupted internet access.


An effective school library enhances students’ learning. It also supports and encourages their reading experiences. The school has big library with rich collection of books and wide range of subjects and topics that cater to the academic and intellectual needs of the students. Every year a large number of books are being added to update our collection of books.


Art Room

Human intellect and creativity grows with dance, music, dramas & art. Most of the artifacts displayed in the art room are created by our young artists. Various events and competitions are organized frequently for the development of students. These develop creative expression and aesthetics in Children.


Music Room

For Fine tunning Aesthetic Appreciation ,Music is given prime importance and forms an integral part of the school curriculum. Our school boasts of a highly accomplished music teacher and a well – equipped music room, where the musical talent of a student is explored and honed in various genres of Indian and western music. The music room has various musical instruments for vocal and instrumental music.


Yoga Class

In the busy schedule of student’s life, it is very important for them to be calm and stress free so as to increase positivity and tranquillity. Yoga room in pre – primary and primary section of the school offers the opportunity to connect with one’s own self. Well – trained yoga trainer help the students to perform various asanas to develop a sound mind in a sound body.



Our school is investing comprehensively in creating the finest and most expensive sports infrastructure. The sport facilities are provided according to the required theoretical and practical inputs in order to provide an integrated and holistic understanding and developing positive attitudes, values, skills and behaviour related to health and physical education at primary, secondary and senior secondary levels.
Added to these are spacious Play station and Activity Rooms for primary kids to unleash their creativity and sports spirit.



The infirmary is a dedicated space where students can rest or recover when they need medical attention. The school infirmary is looked after by a qualified nurse and is well equipped with all types of required medical equipment and medicines. It has:



We, at, GNS, believe the saying “ Eat healthy and Think better”. Hygiene is the first priority in school’s canteen and that’s why we have provided a very neat and clean canteen for our students where purely vegetarian food is served. The canteen is well ventilated and offers a variety of healthy food items to the students. A proper number of cleaning staff and employees are engaged to serve children and we follow high standard for cleanliness in canteen area. Quality and hygiene of canteen and the food is supervised closely. The food is priced at subsidised rate and there is a proper disposal of left-over foods.



We offer students a wide variety of clubs. They can join any club as per their wish. A class room is allotted to each club to showcases its activities. Each club is managed and run by students. They are assigned a faculty mentor too.

Name of the clubs



At GNGS we know, how important coming home safely is for the parents and the children. So, we make sure to provide the best transport facility to our students.The school has transport facility and any student interested to avail the same has to apply and follow the rules. To opt out from the bus facility a minimum of one month’s notice is required. Leaving the bus in mid session is not encouraged unless it is for a valid reason.