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Acharya Kishore Kunal and Mrs. Anita Kunal had a dream of reaching out to children who needed good education and so together they established Gyan Niketan School on 13th February 1986 and is run by M.V.V. Nyas. With the vision of leading girls to great heights by educating them well and also on great demand of the parents a school exclusively for girls, Gyan Niketan Girls School was established on 3rd April 2012. Gyan Niketan Girls School is a new unit of Manviya Vibhava Vikas (M.V.V.) Nyas, Patna imparting education to girls. The school provides the best infrastructure with all the necessary facilities like a well stocked Library, a big playground, well equipped laboratories, updated computer lab and the added bonus of smart classes and an excellent team of teachers who are fully trained and experienced.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To transform the school as a world class knowledge enterprise, this would promote a very high level of educational achievements for girls. Thus it strives to develop an Educational Centre of Excellence. Establishment of this Girls School will gradually pave the way for a balanced socio-economic development of the families of its students, their neighborhood the region and the nation at large.
Mission: To be a school where the students will strive to be academically proficient, socially conscious and technologically adept global citizens who would value and respect all life around them without distinction, discrimination. To ensure high quality of education to all the deserving girl students not only of Bihar but of other states of India too. To meet the growing demands of educated women for the economic development of the state, To act as a drive for transformation of knowledge in the prosperity of the state.

Aim & Objective

A highly motivated and dedicated team of qualified teachers will play an important role to help in the growth of the students, The rapport between the teachers and the students help the students to learn quickly through modern method of teaching techniques viz smart class (audio & visual) demonstration, experimentation, project work and home assignment which make their lessons interesting leading to good results. Faculty of Gyan Niketan Girls' High School are prepared to take extra step that separates excellence from merely adequate. The faculty is available to guide students not only within the classroom setting, but also on a more informal and customized level outside it. The primary aim of our Educational Institution is an all round development of the whole person: spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, cultural, physical, aesthetic and social, thus making our students fully human, knowledgeable, dignified, loving, forgiving, compassionate, committed and responsible citizen of our country. The school curriculum is related to our environment that reflects our culture while remaining at the same time, abreast with modern development.